Newly Baptized 

Sophia May, daughter of Ronald and Melanie
Ava Mary, daughter of Donald and Joy
Ava Marie, daughter of Michael and Kelsey
Hunter Robert, son of Jeremy and Kimberly

Grayson Walter, son of Stephen and Gina
Logan Thomas, son of Dennis and Amanda
Declan Nicholson, son of Andrew and Stephanie
Luca Christopher, son of Nicholas and Maddie
Emma Elizabeth, daughter of Kurt and Kate

Alessandra Olivia and Evan Anthony, 
     daughter and son of Elaine and Joseph
Thomas Lee, son of Lucrezia and Thomas


Jan 7, 2017
Samantha Blazey and Glenn Woodard

Dec 17, 2016
Brittany Wahila and William Walter

Oct 22, 2016
Sara Wahila and Donovan Bomysoad

Oct 8, 2016
Meghan Sullivan and Zachary Ullrich

July 16, 2016
Annie Mancini and Matthew Hudock

June 11, 2016
Rebecca Stone and Matthew Robers 

May 14, 2016
Kerrin Hawkins and Paul Stanton

April 30, 2016
Kelly Abad and Gregory McMurray


Congratulations to St Joseph's First Communion Class
Victoria Capuli
Ana Gambino
Natalie Jackson
  Logan Layton
   Alivia Mandyck
                            Luke McMahon
                            Jacob Oakley
                            Colin Patterson
                            Michael Rundell
                            Kyra Simmons
                            Connor Vizvary
                            Laura Winslow
                            Sienna Young


Ashlee and Kevin Miller
who received the 
Sacraments of Initiation at the Easter Vigil Mass

Saint Joseph's and Saint Anthony's
Confirmation Class of 2016

Sarah Mary Breen
Taina Marta Colon
Bailey Julian Dupuy
Hailey Veronica Fox
John Ambrose Augustine Gill
Macayla Rita Greco
Tobias Patrick Gusefski
Zachary Sebastian Herzing

Brendan Simon Lynch
Cole Christopher Munger
Mikayla Anne Oldenburg
Devon Richard Smart
Bridget Therese Whoriskey
Erin Gianna Thomas Whoriskey
Ryan Matthew Woodruff
Jonathan Stephen Zareski