Councils & Committees

Building & Grounds Committee

     Buildings and Grounds is an advisory committee acting as a general overseer of the church campus. Areas of concern are brought to the pastor’s attention. Members of this committee model a unique aspect of stewardship in preserving our heritage. Our beautiful church and the vibrant ministries and programs that it houses now, as well as those to come, constitute a spiritual patrimony to be preserved. Thus do we build up the Kingdom of God.
     From time to time the committee is enlisted to obtain quotes on maintenance items, new additions or purchases, or to help with special projects for the church under the pastor’s direction. Among other things, these ministers advise the parish staff in prioritizing and addressing maintenance issues, periodically walk the property to make note of upcoming projects, and gather volunteers to help complete projects.
     For more information, or if you have a question and/or concern with an area of our church campus, please contact Neil Newkirk at (607) 748-0442.

Parish Council

     The Parish Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Pastor. This body is meant to help the Pastor lead the parish community in the discernment and expression of our parish mission. It meets on the third Tuesday of each month, with the exception of July-September.
     The Parish Council also acts as a liaison between the Pastor and the various ministries at St. Joseph’s, advising the Pastor on the needs and aspirations of the ministries and on issues and obstacles the ministry may encounter in fulfilling its purpose.
     By its very nature, the Parish Council is involved in every aspect of parish life. The Chairpersons of other committees are ex-officio members of the Parish Council because of the importance of those functions to the fulfillment of the parish mission. The Parish Council is a reflective and planning group for the parish. Our meeting time is spent together in prayer, discussion, and discerning direction for the parish.
     In summary, the Pastoral Council presents and implements the vision for the entire parish in consultation with the Pastor and parish staff. Each member is a visible, active presence at Saint Joseph’s serving as a resource for the Pastor and parishioners. Knowledge and understanding of the parish and a willingness to speak up on issues of concern to the parish are important. The Pastoral Council offers a public face to the parish and has contact information listed in the bulletin.
     For more information contact the Parish Council President listed below.

Responsibilities of the Parish Council include:

  • Reflecting and planning for the spiritual renewal and growth of our parish in light of our Mission Statement.
  • Studying articles and documents that help us grow in understanding the call to our parish as a Christian community.
  • Identifying the giftedness that exists within the parish.
  • Developing a prayer life as a group which is open to discern the will of God for the parish.
  • Communicating with the entire parish by listening to as well as informing parishioners of the progress being made in the life of the parish.
  • Being the liaison with all commissions, chairs and members of the parish.

Below are the Parish Council members:

Ex-Officio members: Pastor. 
Trustees: Diane Julian & Phil Artz. 
Diocesan Pastoral Council Representative: Lynn Perry and Claire Patterson
DRE & Parish Staff: Sally Herceg. 
Finance: Gary Kohut. 
Liturgy: Pamela Riddleberger.
2014-2017 - Mike McGuire, Pamela Riddleberger, Kathy Malchak. 
2015-2018 - James Gill, Mark Perry, Claire Patterson, Sharon Loudon
2016-2019 - Irene Siedlarczyk, Ronald Oakley, Patrick Whoriskey

Finance Council

     The Finance Council is a consultative body composed of parishioners to advise the Pastor in matters pertaining to the financial affairs of the parish. The Finance Council meets four times a year to review the financial statements and to establish the budget for the upcoming year. Members are appointed by the Pastor and serve a two-year term.
     The Finance Council is directed by the values of the Gospel in fulfilling its responsibilities, as well as by good business practices. Efficient and effective use and management of parish resources must be measured as much by their contribution to parish mission and ministry as by commonly accepted business standards.
     Primary areas of responsibility for the Finance Council include:

  • To ensure that the annual budget is properly prepared for review by the Executive Committee, the Diocesan and any other authorized agency. 
  • To ensure that the required Semi-Annual and Annual Financial Report is prepared and submitted to the Diocese.
  • To work with the parish business manager to develop controls and procedures for proper stewardship of parish resources.
  • To evaluate and to make recommendations regarding the needs and effectiveness of the parish’s income generating efforts through the Sunday offertory and other fundraising activities.
  • To develop appropriate plans for the financing of necessary repairs, renovations, purchase of equipment and future building for the parish.
  • To communicate the financial status of the parish to the Executive Committee and the parish community at least once a year.

Below are the Finance Council members:
Donald Mastro, Gary Kohut, Beth Dibble, Patrick Barrett-Book Keeper. Ex-Officio members: Pastor, Trustees: Diane Julian & Phil Artz.

Description: The Finance Council enhances the parish’s finances through prudent budgeting of parish resources. Its success enables the parish to serve our community worthily and to plan for the future, as we respond to the current challenges. The Finance Council helps the Pastor and staff to realize the new programs and ministries that meet our growing needs while burnishing those programs in place. Members tend to accept appointments past their-two-year term because of the satisfaction they derive from this vital ministry.
     If you would like to ask questions or make suggestions, please contact Donald Mastro at (607) 748-0442.