Liturgical Ministries

  • Altar Servers and Mass Coordinators 

    An altar server assists the priest or deacon at Mass by preparing the altar and acting as server during Mass. Mass Coordinators (working with the Sacristan) are experienced altar servers who take on the responsibility for setting up the furniture and vessels before Mass. They store everything away after Mass. We provide initial and ongoing training to our altar servers. Contact Michelle Janik at (607) 748-0442.
  • Lectors
    Training sessions for those interested in being commissioned as lectors are held twice annually. Lectors are scheduled for Masses as needed and have occasional days of reflection. If you would like to be notified of the next training session, please contact Lisa Charsky at (607) 754-1907.
  • Eucharistic Ministers for Masses
    The ministry of Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC) is a fulfilling one for parishioners who wish to serve their community. It makes few demands on your time beyond a planned attendance at Mass. There is a brief training session and occasional refresher sessions. Contact the parish office at (607) 748-0442.
  • Eucharistic Ministers for Hospitals and Home-bound
    Description: Our ministers take the Eucharist to sick people in the hospital, to the elderly, or disabled in their homes or in convalescent homes. We ask people to be available during the weekday or on weekends. Ministers must be practicing Catholics and be comfortable around sick or elderly people. This rewarding ministry helps people pray together and reach out as Jesus did. Contact Chris Holmes at (607) 748-0442. 
  • Ushers
    At Saturday Vigil, Sunday and Holy Day Masses ushers are needed to greet and seat parishioners, take up the collection, coordinate the congregation during Communion and help tidy up after Mass. This ministry is a wonderful way to participate and to get to know the parishioners at the Mass that you attend. For more information contact the parish office at (607) 748-0442.
  • Music Ministries
    Traditional Choir
    Under the direction of Peter Sicilian, this choir leads the music for the 11 a.m. Mass, on major feast days, and other special liturgies. The choir prepares music for worship from the full spectrum of liturgical music including Chant, traditional hymns and contemporary music. The rehearsal for this choir is on Thursday evening from 6:30 pm to 8 pm in the church and is open to anyone in the ninth grade or older. You don't need to have previous experience singing in a choir but you should be able to "carry a tune". New members are welcome and are invited to contact Peter Sicilian at (607) 748-0442.
  • The Contemporary Choir
    This group of musicians, under the direction of Rose Roberts and Nino Samiani, specializes in leading recently composed music for choir and instruments at the Saturday 4pm Mass once a month and sometimes joins with the Traditional Choir for special Masses. Here you will find a combination of guitar, drum, acoustic bass, piano and solo saxophone alongside a group of fine singers. Contact Rose Roberts for more information at (607) 748-5921.

Supportive Ministries

  • Altar Rosary Society
    Members of this society have a special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. They lead and recite the rosary with the community every week. They also have a special calling to maintaining the worshiping space by keeping it clean. They pick up the soiled altar linens each week, launder, iron and then return them to the church. They maintain all the liturgical vessels and vestments on a regular schedule of every 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Funeral Luncheon Group
    The Funeral Luncheon Group responds with grace to those in mourning and journey with those suffering loss in their lives. With the compassion of our Parish Christian community, these volunteers provide meals for funerals and company to the grief-stricken families.
  • Knights of Columbus
    The Knights of Columbus is the largest Catholic lay organization in the world. It is most known for its charitable works among their parishes and communities. Council 1839 comprises many talented and energetic men who regularly support many ministries and functions in the Endicott area and beyond. For more information contact Alan Kline at (607) 785-5364.
  • Homebound Ministry
    Homebound parishioners are still church members. We care about them. This ministry brings the Eucharist to homebound parishioners.